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“We need to create a common culture”

Vicki Morris and Ed Maltby : Six months from now, how will you measure the success of the New Anti-capitalist Party? Daniel Bensaid : Well, I don’t want to make any predictions about the social movement, what it will be like in six months time. For us, we need to consolidate the fusion, on the […]

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Daniel Bensaïd (1946–2010)

Tarik Ali, The Gardian, 14 January 2010 The French philosopher Daniel Bensaïd, who has died aged 63 of cancer, was one of the most gifted Marxist intellectuals of his generation. In 1968, together with Daniel Cohn-Bendit, he helped to form the Mouvement du 22 Mars (the 22 March Movement), the organisation that helped to detonate […]

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“Leaps Leaps Leaps”: Lenin and politics


Hannah Arendt was worried that politics might disappear completely from the world. The century had seen such disasters that the question of whether ‘politics still has any meaning at all’ had become unavoidable”. The issues at stake in these fears were eminently practical: ‘The lack of meaning in which the whole of politics has ended […]

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Change the World without Taking Power ?

Can we speak of a libertarian current, as if this continuous thread were unrolling throughout contemporary history, as if it were possible to tie a sufficient number of affinities to it to make what holds it together win out over what divides it? Such a current, if in fact it exists, is indeed characterised by […]

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How left is Left in Europe? New Centre, Third Way

Capitalism’s project of globalisation seems to be running into problems. The spectacular worsening of the world economic crisis and Gerhard Schröder’s victory in the German elections suggest that good news may be at hand: the end of our winter of neo-liberalism, to be replaced by a spring of social democracy. A “neo” socialism is on […]

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Trotsky, revolutions and the constitution of original “Trotskyism”

Certain “Trotskyist” theses, like the theory of permanent revolution, first appeared at the beginning of the century in relation to the Russian revolution of 1905. However, the term “Trotskyism” only appeared, as a banal term of bureaucratic jargon, in 1923-4. After the victorious civil war, and still more in 1924 after the failure of the […]

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The Mole and the Locomotive

‘Well said, old mole. Canst work I’th’earth so fast?A worthy pioner.’(Shakespeare, Hamlet I:5). Our old friend is short-sighted. He is a haemophiliac as well. Doubly infirm and doubly fragile. And yet, patiently, obstinately, from tunnel to passage, he cheerfully continues his mole’s progress towards his next invasion. The nineteenth century experienced history as an arrow […]

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Five thesis of resistance

The text below, written by Daniel Bensaïd for the journal Viento Sur, represents a bold attempt to track the theoretical challenges faced by Marxism today. According to the author, the theoretical sterility of modern social democracy and other major political trends could result in Marxists sitting on their laurels and merely affirming orthodoxies inherited from […]

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The party and the period

The following interview with Daniel Bensaïd was conducted during the Ernest Mandel Symposium held in Brussels on November 19th, 2005 (see IVP n° 372, November 2005). Bensaïd outlines his views on the role of a revolutionary organisation in the present period and recalls his first encounters with Ernest Mandel. The interview appeared in the January […]

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