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After the attempt at Lod and the arrest of Andreas Baader

Le Monde of May 26 [1972] entitled its editorial “Bombs in Europe.” Since then, the attack on the airport at Lod, the arrest in Germany of Andréas Baader, one of the principal leaders of the Red Army Faction, has been front-page news. The bourgeois press and the press of the reformist workers’ movement yelp in […]

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Utopias, the rejection of utopia, and a revolutionary vision


The following interview with Daniel Bensaïd was conducted by Alain Brossat. Alain Brossat. We are living in a phase of rejection of utopia. Going further, it seems as if we have entered the phase of “anti” thought. Among broad layers of intellectuals, people no longer define themselves by what they favor, but by what they […]

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Utopia and Messianism

Ernst Bloch’s and Walter Benjamin’s bodies of work seem to aim at a common target through parallel trajectories. Both combine the promises of future liberation with the redemption of an oppressed past. Both share the same suspicion of victories and the same feeling of debt towards the defeated. We interact with history in a living […]

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“Historia de Mayta”

Fourth International leader reviews new novel about Peruvian revolutionist. The Real Life of Alejandro Mayta is the story of a shattered dream, of the impossible or forbidden passage from fiction to reality. Its central thread is an investigation – a “quest” Vargas Llosa told Le Monde (Nov. 16, 1984) – to reconstruct the story of […]

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No, don’t take away Gaza’s hope


The State of Israel’s terrorism and Palestinian religious terrorism combine to kill the very idea of peace in the Middle East A year ago, some of us wrote ‘as Jews’, signing an appeal in which we said that ‘A perhaps irreversible step is about to be made. Ariel Sharon’s symbolic provocation [in front of the […]

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International solidarity, against the rise of communalism

The logic of war risks winning the day once again, and a perhaps irreversible step in the march toward catastrophe is about to be made. Western commentators have mostly chosen to see the increasing ethnic definition of the Balkan crisis as the monstrous result of the decomposition of the bureaucratic nationalist regimes (which for evident […]

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Balance Sheet of the Student Movement


In our July 14 issue (page 723) we published a resolution entitled “Worldwide Youth Radicalization and the Tasks of the Fourth International.” This document opened a discussion on the subject in the Fourth International, the World Party of Socialist Revolution, founded by Leon Trotsky in 1938. The document below is a second contribution to the […]

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A Bensaïd Primer


Daniel Bensaïd… by Ballast magazine Daniel Bensaïd wondered whether we might repair the “damaged words” of the last century, delinking them from their ideological apparatuses and setting them in motion again. In this spirit, we share an A-Z of twenty-six key Bensaïd terms, which together offer a concise portrait of the man whom Tariq Ali […]

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Daniel Bensaïd’s An Impatient Life

There are several problems with the use of the term, ‘the sixties generation’. To begin with, it tends to play into the dubious narrative of youthful rebellion followed by gradual conservatisation in the face of of career, family life and disappointed hopes. It’s a narrative that sees the sixties as both defining – ah, the […]

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